Your Responsibilities To Ensure Security and Confidentiality

First Corporate Solutions is in the Risk Mitigation business for your transactions, and our vision is to Help Our Clients Feel Safe. This goes beyond your transactions. The security and confidentiality of your data is of primary importance to us, too. We undergo professional penetration testing and security checks by independent experts on a regular basis and test our code extensively.

While we take every measure within our control, our SOC 2 controls require FCS to notify you of Complementary User Entity Controls (CUECs). These are actions required of you to ensure your business data remains secure and confidential on our systems:

  • Never share your FCS Online password with others. FCS offers unlimited individual login credentials under a single billable account for no additional charge.
  • Maintain a password that is at least 12 characters long (up to 30). Special characters and numbers are encouraged, but length is more important. You can use a phrase with spaces.
  • Change your password every 90 days
  • If you are an administrative user for your firm, disable users who are no longer authorized to access your account. We also recommend you review this on a periodic basis.
  • Make sure your FCS Representative is aware of any changes to administrators of your account.
  • Use a recent browser version, preferably less than one year old. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and Mozilla Firefox are supported on Microsoft Windows and Chromium on Linux and the latest version of Safari on Apple iOS computers.
  • Make sure to check for the security symbol (lock icon) when logging in
  • Beware of phishing emails. If in doubt, manually enter in your browser and click the Login button on our site. This will always take you to our secure, genuine login page.
  • If you have reason to believe your login or password have been compromised, contact your FCS Account Representative immediately or email